First, I’d like to introduce myself.

As some of you know, I have been at Littlehampton Swimming Club since 1999, the last six years as their Head Coach. I stood down recently so I could go back to nursing, however I very soon realised that this was no longer for me, having been out for over 15 years, and found I really missed coaching swimming. I have been looking for another coaching role and was delighted when I heard that Bognor was looking for a coach, so here I am!

I am an ASA Level 3 Coach and a Level 2 teacher. I have been involved in both county and regional training and have taken several swimmers to national level. This year I had two swimmers at the British Championships and five at the ASA Nationals. One made two finals at the British Championships, four made finals at the ASA Nationals and one achieved a Gold Medal in the 200m breaststroke. Two of these swimmers are on the Regional Beacon Programme at Portsmouth and one young S6 swimmer is on the British Para-Swimming Talent Programme.

On a personal note I still have one child at Littlehampton who wishes to stay there with her friends; in addition, when I stood down the Club gave me the honour of Honorary Vice President. I will continue to support Littlehampton as a parent, but I will not be coaching there at all now I have taken up this new role. I assure you I am 100% committed to Bognor Swimming Club and am very excited at the opportunity to build on the work that Chris has done to develop the many up and coming young swimmers you have.

Over the next few weeks I will be meeting with the coaches, looking at the programme (training and competition) and will be assessing all of the swimmers. You may find your children doing new things; I am keen on developing technique through drill work. This might be something as simple as floating and rotating skills maintaining the correct body alignment, or more complex stroke drills. They will have to work hard too to develop their aerobic fitness and speed. Some may also be doing work on goal setting. What you can be sure of is that everything the swimmers do will have a purpose, aimed at enabling each one to reach their potential.

I look forward to meeting you all. Please feel free to come and chat to me before or after sessions if you have any questions, or just wish to say hello.

Best Regards

Sue Cameron

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