Bognor Regis Swimming Club was founded 1965, and has since grown to become one of the most popular clubs in the West Sussex region.  All of our members are valued, and it is always exciting for us to welcome new swimmers to the club, as this brings in enthusiasm, passion and talent. We wish every member personal success in their swimming.

With a growing membership, Bognor Swimming Club is well established as a successful swimming club, and our members have achieved success swimming at club, county and national levels.  We also have a masters section for over 19 year olds.  Our coaches are professional and dedicated in the field of coaching to ensure every swimmer reaches their potential. In return, we expect dedicated commitment from every swimmer.

If you are interested in joining the club, you will want to check out the Squads page, which outlines the age range and criteria for each squad and also our time-table for training sessions. On this page you will find a break down of costs.

Guidelines and Mission Statement

Like all swimming clubs, BRSC has a strict code of behaviour, safety criteria, poolside protocol etc. All of this, including what’s expected of our swimmers in terms of training and competition can be found in our handbook, which is given to all new swimmers, and can also be downloaded here: BRSC Handbook.

Please do take the time to read this book, as it is very important that new swimmers and parents understand how the club is run, it’s guidelines and expectations.

However, though we have formal rules and procedures, like any club the unwritten principles that we adhere to are:

  • The swimmers are our main priority
  • We encourage all levels of swimmers to train and take part
  • Everyone is treated fairly
  • We are a friendly club

Working together has made Bognor Regis Swimming Club the friendly Club it is today.

Management Committee and Volunteering at BRSC

The administration of the Club is undertaken by an elected Executive Management Team (known as the Committee), composed of mainly parents of swimmers who give their time and expertise to the Club free of charge. The Club operates rather like a small business, whose lifeblood is this freely given time by the parents and club members. An active fund-raising team also organises different social events during the year for both the children and their parents.

We welcome participation and feedback from parents, and are keen to encourage all those wish to be involved in ensuring the club’s continued success.


Head Coach: Sue –

Committee Members:

Chairperson: Andy –

Secretary: Tina –

Treasurer: Jan –

Membership/Gala Secretary:  Jo –

Welfare & Disability Officer: Michelle –

Non-committee roles:

Website administrator: Michael Eason

Unless indicated otherwise, please contact Committee members via the site Contact Form