This squad is an introduction to new swimmers that have come from a swim school. Here the swimmers will be taught the basics of swimming in a competitive environment. To be promoted to the next squad the swimmer should be able to swim 50m continuously and be able to dive from the blocks. They also need to have the knowledge and understanding of all the strokes.


  • Entry level squad for children aged 6-10 years
  • Children must be able to swim a continuous 50m front crawl and 50m backstroke to be admitted to this squad
  • Key fundamental skills such as flotation, rotation, streamlining, dolphin kick ‘the fifth stroke’, sculling, all with correct body position & alignment, are developed
  • This enables correct stroke technique development and the introduction of competitive starts and turns
  • To move up to the next squad they will need to be able to swim each stroke, plus a continuous 200m front crawl with correct breathing and body position, including a streamline glide after every start and turn. They will also be able to dive off the deep end block.


  • Junior level squad for swimmers age 8-12 years
  • There will be continued skills and stroke technique development, whilst building stamina (aerobic development) and basic speed
  • Swimmers will do their ASA Competitive Start Award in this squad
  • To move up to the next squad swimmers will have attained their ASA Preliminary Competitive Start Award; be able to swim each stroke legally under ASA rules and be able to swim 200m front crawl in under 4 minutes. They must also demonstrate consistently in training sessions a streamline off every start and turn; correct turns and finishes in each stroke every time. In addition swimmers will have developed a good training ethic, be good listeners and well-behaved before they can progress to the next squad.


  • Age Group level squad for swimmers from 11 years up.
  • A good training ethic is expected from all swimmers in this squad
  • The aerobic endurance work will get harder in this squad with the introduction of threshold endurance sets.
  • Technique, skills and basic speed work will continue alongside this. There may be some video work.
  • Swimmers will move to Marlins if they meet the competitive criteria, and when they are physically and physiologically ready.
  • In addition they will need to perform consistently in training sessions a streamline off every start and turn; correct turns and underwater phases (including at least 3 underwater dolphin kicks on front crawl, backstroke and butterfly) and correct finish each stroke every time.


  • Youth level squad – the Bognor Marlins!
  • Swimmers will usually be 14 years and over
  • Swimmers will now work all energy zones, including anaerobic race pace training
  • Technique and skills work will continue and may include video work


  • Adult squad – you must be able to swim lengths, but apart from that all abilities welcome
  • Training plan provided
  • This squad is not directly coached, but coaching advice is available
  • Masters swimmers who are at the standard of our youth swimmers may join that squad by agreement with the head coach

Please note: Stated ages are a rough guide only as much will depend on their physical and physiological development which varies from child to child. All squad moves will be at the discretion of the Head Coach and will take into account behaviour and attitude to training as well as ability.